• Steamboat Springs Steamboat Springs, CO
    Overhanging snow caused by wind, ice
    damming and snow creeping down the
    roof slope causing a deadly risk
    to pedestrians.

  • Mammoth Lakes, CA
    The combination of strong sunshine,
    cold temperatures, roof configuration,
    and poor roof ventilation are causing
    large ice dams and icicles capable of
    curling in and breaking windows.

  • Whistler, BC
    Placing the loading dock of this major
    food store below a sloping metal roof
    that sheds snow is a serious design
    flaw making safe use and access

Welcome To Snow Country

Snow Country Consultants Ltd. expertise includes the design and review of buildings suitable for snow country.

Living and playing in snow country for over 30 years has given a front row seat in observing how buildings work in heavy snow areas.   Our background in structural engineering has evolved into an expertise in design and review of buildings suitable for snow country.  A successful design must take into account the environment in which it will be built and each mountain locale has different characteristics.

Whistler Canada has large volumes of heavy coastal snow whereas Colorado has light snow and cold temperatures leading to large ice dams.  Each environment is unique so that a design suitable for one area cannot necessarily be superimposed on another area without considering the consequences.